Rev. Andrew Eagles


Pastor Andrew joined the staff of Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church in 2004 after after completing his Masters of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary. Originally from New Jersey, Andrew's east coast upbringing and college years at Wake Forest University still dictate his sports allegiances, primarily his love of college basketball.  Andrew and wife Amy have two children. Andrew currently divides his time between his ministry, and cheering on his little leaguer, and ballerina. He can also be found enjoying a chocolate chip cookie….preferable under cooked or not cooked at all!


Keenan Barber

Associate Pastor

Pastor Keenan joined the staff of Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church in 2017. In his spare time he loves hanging with his 3 kids, and enjoying sushi with his beautiful bride. He can also be found at home with his two rescued pugs - Bernie and Penny watching West Wing on Netflix.


Calvin Main

Director of Youth Ministry

Calvin always loved volunteering and serving the the Church through intentional ministry. When he asked God if He wanted to do ministry vocationally he was guided to the opportunity and has loved it. When he isn’t leading the youth you can often find him enjoying some Tatsu Ramen or even the divinely inspired Stroopwafle cookie.


Dr. Lauren Buckley Schaer

Director of Classic Music & Worship

Lauren is honored to use her gifts and talents in directing the Chancel Choir. You can often find her outside of the Church spending time with her two cats Aria and Berlioz. Or enjoying cold Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies because that is the only way to enjoy them.


Ronnie Steadman

Director of Contemporary Music & Worship

When not leading music at the 945 service, Ronnie can be found on the highest mountain tops in the Himalayas or hanging out with his wife and two kids.


Jan Eagle

Financial Administrator

Jan joined the staff at Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church in 2007. Jan has always dreamed of traveling to the south of France. When she ‘s not daydreaming about France or in her office crunching numbers you can often find her crunching on her favorite Chopped Leon salad at La Scala. She can also be found attending a number of concerts and musicals as this is a special part of her life.


Ryan Westmoreland

Church Administrator

Ryan Joined the staff of Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church in 2018. Growing up highly active in music ministry he has always been drawn to the Church. When he’s not in the office you can find him hanging with Mickey at Disneyland. Or at home eating a peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie while watching Hart Of Dixie.


Alicia Cooper

Preschool Director

Born and raised in Long Beach Ca, Alicia has a deep love for the water. Her dream day is to pick up sandwiches at Mikes Deli and drive to the beach for the rest of the day staring at the water. When Alicia is not doing this, she’s leading the amazing Preschool.


Karen Srour

Wedding Coordinator

When Karen isn’t brilliantly coordinating a wedding you can find her daydreaming about attending a Beatles concert not once but twice. She is also a cheese connoisseur. Fromager d’Affinois and Hooks 10 Year Aged Cheddar are her favorites.


Morag Steel

Director of Children’s Ministries

Morag’s love for children is vibrant in her ministries at Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church. When she’s not with the kids she can be found spending time with Khaleesi the ruler of the house who just so happens to be a blue eyed Siberian Lynx. She also loves to watch anything staring Bryan Cranston especially Breaking Bad.



Jeanne Bazilauskas


Charles Benson


Don Bergman


Michael Chasteen


Kristen Detwiler


Audrey Hutchings


Keith Knudsen


James Marzullo


Sarah Palmrose


Cristie St. James


Andrew Ertell


Jim Underwood