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Gospel Inheritance

11In Christ we have also obtained an inheritance, having been destined according to the purpose of him who accomplishes all things according to his counsel and will, 12so that we, who were the first to set our hope on Christ, might live for the praise of his glory. - Ephesians 1:11-12

We tend to think in terms of money and buying power when we think about inheritance. Often that is how an inheritance is quantified. But, then again, we tend to quantify most things that way. There is a part of inheritance that resists this pull.

A friend of mine graduated college and stepped into an inheritance in his family’s business. While this was a lucrative inheritance, it was also a call upon his life. He was invited into a way of life, an ethic, and a mission that had been his family’s for generations.

In our text, the apostle Paul likens the gospel to an inheritance. In many ways, our inheritance in Christ provides us with purchasing power in life. We find that God provides us with the wherewithal to move through both good and bad times with grace and goodness beyond our capabilities.

But it is also an inheritance that invites us into a way of life. We find that we are part of the family business of love, peace, and redemption in Christ. We are invited into a life that results in “the praise of his glory.” The inheritance of Jesus is to be invited into life that takes part in the glory of God.

Jesus, we confess the ways that we get caught up in so many other narratives in life. We need reminding that our inheritance is to be part of your glory on this earth. Teach us to set our hope in Christ that we might live for the praise of his glory this day at work, at home, in the car, in relationships, in silence, and each step of the way. In Jesus’ name, amen.