Monday Message: You Are the Man!

Nathan said to David, “You are the man!   

2 Samuel 12:7

The past two Sundays, we have explored the lowest point in the life of King David.  He had taken his eyes off of God and moved down a path dictated by self-interest, lust, and power.  David’s story had become a story of sin.  

An interesting aspect of this story is that David seemed unaware that his was a story of sin.  Perhaps that is what happens to us when we live dictated by self-interest rather than communion with the Living God.  We set the rules around how we live rather than toward living the life of God given to us.  Nevertheless, David seemed either unaware or purposefully in denial of his story of sin.  

David was not fully aware of his sin story until Nathan spoke the words, “You are the man!”  In Nathan’s words, David was able to regain for a moment the perspective of a God-directed life.  David was able to see his life in the light of truth.  These words became a doorway back into Life!

Nearly three thousand years after Nathan and David, a Roman governor in the colony of Judea would conjure these words at the trial of Jesus.  He would present Jesus to the people that Jesus loved and say, “Here is the man!”  Again, these words would mark the doorway into life.  Again, these words would expose our darkness to the light of Truth.  Jesus would fully grasp Nathan’s words of condemnation over David, over me, and over you, and bear them to the cross.  The apostle Paul tells us that Jesus identified with our sins so that we might identify with his life. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

The bridge to life for us are the convicting words, “You are the man!”  Let us invite God to open our eyes to the places where he calls us to identify with Jesus.  Let them lead us to the confession: “I am a sinner, a person in trouble, a person who needs help, a human that needs God.”  And in that confession, we will find the light of Truth and the doorway into the God-directed life.

Gracious Jesus, we are so grateful that you do not condemn us.  Rather you have come to know us in our darkest hours.  We confess our tendency to hide and pretend.  Open our eyes to know your truth.  Speak to us and give us the courage to accept the grace that leads us into the God-directed life.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.