Monday Message: Faithfulness in the Complexity

9 David inquired of the LORD, “Shall I go up against the Philistines? Will you give them into my hand?”  

2 Samuel 5:9

There are times when our simple faith seems inadequate in a complex world.  There are times when the truths that we have trusted do not match easily with the particulars of our lives.  There are times where our belief is stretched to the breaking point as we attempt to figure out how to live faithfully when faithfully is not easily defined.

How do we know when it is appropriate to stand for our convictions and when to turn the other cheek?  What do we do when faced with gray areas of business ethics?  How do we best love those who disagree with us?  

Very early in his reign as king over the combined tribes of Israel and Judah, King David happened upon such complexity.  Very little that he had memorized from the Scriptures could advise him on how to respond to an invasion by the Philistines.  Should he escape to live and fight another day as he had so many times before when pursued by King Saul?  Should he defend those in danger from the Philistine forces? 

David responded by inviting God into the intricacies he faced.  “What should I do?  What will you do through me?” he asked.  In this, he forged a path by leaning upon his relationship with God in the difficulties of his life. 

God is interested in the particulars of our lives.  He is passionately present to us.  He longs to partner with us in the midst of complexity in ways that will deepen us in him and will bless the world around us.  Like David, we must invite God into our complexities and into our particulars. 

It is precisely in these places that we discover Jesus with us.  We must slow down and listen as we wait for God to lead us in love and belief in the midst of the complexity of our world.

Jesus, you know the places that we are stalled out in our faith.  You know the places that we have been assuming rather than asking you.  We confess this moment by slowing down.  We lay before you the complexity of our lives.  Speak gently to us to free us to live fully in faith, to deepen our trust in you, and to honor you in all that we do.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.