Monday Message: Merry Christmas Reflection

In the afterglow of Christmas, take time to pause.  Let the busyness of the past month, the mess of wrappings and decorations, the stress of bursting schedules, and the presence (or absence) of family wash off you.  Take a moment and be.
First, focus your heart upon Jesus Christ come for you.  Listen to his great love for You.  Allow it to center You upon the most important thing.
Second, reflect upon Christmas as you experienced it this year.  Notice the places you have blessed and silently thank God for this.  Recognize the places you have been aware of God with you in the season: in song, in circumstances, in conversations, in worship….  Rejoice in this.  Recognize also the places where God has seemed distant.  Lay these moments at the feet of Jesus.  Notice the things that blocked you from the awareness of God’s Presence.  Confess if it seems appropriate.  Let the turmoil of these moments be lifted by the awareness that God is with you and that Jesus loves you completely and without reservation.
Finally, rest in the silence and rejoice that Christmas means that you are never alone!
Jesus, thank you for Christmas.  Thank you that Christmas happens into the busyness and messiness of our lives.  Thank you for the love and Presence it witnesses to us.  We lay at your feet the things we cannot carry on our own.  We lift high the ways we have been blessed.  We pray that all might be for your glory.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Keenan Barber