Forward In Faith




NEW FLOORS!!! In Buswell Hall

The floors in Buswell Hall have been refinished as the first of many projects in response to generous contributions to the 2019 BHPC Capitol Campaign!

Construction 1924.jpg


For nearly 100 years, God has provided BHPC as our spiritual home on the corner of Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard. Through gracious community, authentic worship, and opportunities to serve, we have become a church together. In this space, Christ has met us in all seasons of life. This is the legacy we have been given. It is the faith that saves us. It is the hope that we desire to make available to all as we move FORWARD in FAITH



The purpose of this capital campaign is to ensure that BHPC is a welcoming place to gather and worship now and for years to come.

We are moving FORWARD in FAITH with the following intentions:

· STEWARDSHIP: Taking care of an asset that has been entrusted to us.

· HOSPITALITY: Inviting people into a hospitable space to discover God’s love in Christ Jesus.

· CONNECTION: Fostering deeper connection among members of our congregation



Funds raised will support aesthetic improvements of the church building and grounds. The extent of the project will be determined by fundraised amount.

- Refresh the 11:00 am worship space with new carpet in sanctuary

- Refresh the 9:45 am worship space by replacing drapery and restoring floors in Buswell Hall

- Refresh adult discipleship and leadership space by replacing the accordion door between the library and Buswell Hall as well as replacing carpet in the library

- Refresh the exterior of the church building with touch-up and accent painting as well as possible restoration of the marquee sign

- Continue refreshing all first floor restrooms